Yes we can send you a link via email that allows you to see our particular vehicle that is carrying your consignment.

Because Zenith Low Loaders’ vehicles have the latest in satellite-based GPS tracking and monitoring technology, linked to real-time computer monitoring, we can provide you with schedule updates in real time. Plus our vast experience in the industry means we are usually right on the mark when it comes to estimating delivery times. We also utilise web-based updates to monitor weather, traffic and road conditions.

Anything over 4.3 m including our trailer requires a permit, most of our decks are 1 m high.

The general rule of thumb will be from 3.5 m up to and including 4.5 m in width, one pilot. 4.5 m to 5.5 m would be two pilots, above this would involve police escort. Any oversize load (above 2.5 m wide or 19 m long) entering the CBD boundary would also require one pilot. These are just basic guidelines which may change depending on a particular load or situation

Zenith Low Loaders puts Safety above all other considerations. Our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards, our drivers are fully trained and experienced, and our Safety procedures are both rigorous and strictly enforced, backed up by the latest in satellite GPS tracking and monitoring technology.

Zenith Low Loaders is fully insured for all contingencies. Our drivers, our vehicles and your load – all covered. (Conditions Apply )

Simple…We do. Leave it all to us. No hassle.

Zenith Low Loaders gives a high degree of commitment to client satisfaction, and will always endeavour to deliver your loads on time. Having said that, Zenith places the utmost emphasis on Safety. As a general rule, we will not allow our drivers to work beyond certain set daily maximum hours or after 8pm at night. For urgent, critical deliveries, we may allow our drivers to travel all through the night, but only after addressing all Safety considerations. In such cases we will consider each case separately and will work through the concerns in partnership with our clients – we’re sure you would not want us to do it any other way!

Zenith Low Loaders can carry your loads across virtually all terrains – as long as there’s a road, we can get to you! Sealed (bitumen) roads or graded / gravel – no problem. We deliver in and around capital cities and regional centres as well as to the most remote mining regions of Western Australia or to & from sites in other states.

Zenith Low Loaders delivers to all parts of Western Australia and across Australia, from capital cities to the most remote mining regions.

Zenith Low Loaders handles everything from 1 tonne to 100 tonne loads.