Quad axle Low Loaders are the next link in the chain, again comprising of deck wideners and full wideners.  Deck wideners are all rear steer giving superb maneuverability in tight areas, one of these Floats also have 30,000 lb winches to assist clients with broken down equipment thankfully it’s not often but a godsend when required. These units can carry up to 34 ton and can be linked with a dolly taking it up to approx. 48 ton.

Much like the tri-axle fleet we also have full widening quads, again better for the real heavy gear and better suited to long haul work, some of these units are equipped with bi-fold ramps for easy loading. These rigs can carry up to 48 ton again one has a winch for breakdowns.

Moving up to our 75 ton rigs, these consist of a 3 x 8 float and a 2 x 8 dolly , the float will widen to 4.2 m and is capable of carrying approx. 70 ton .